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Appliance Repair

Responsive Appliance Repair Web Site

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Responsive Appliance Repair Web Site

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What are your choices when marketing appliance repair?
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Brett Singleton - Expert In Marketing Appliance Repair Services

Hi, I'm Brett Singleton, president of Appliance Repair Marketing. What makes my service different from the other marketing companies for appliance repair is my expertise in running a successful appliance repair service. I understand the potential profit margins, I've faced the problems you're experiencing, and I have a proven solution when it comes to seo for appliance repair.

But enough about me, you came here to find out how to get service leads for appliance repair. Below, we'll examine your options and I'll share some marketing tips for appliance repair.

1. Word of mouth.
While good as a supplemental form of marketing, it's difficult to put into action without having a source for leads in the first place. In my experience, you'll spend a lot of time going hungry if this is your only plan for getting leads.

It would be great if Facebook could help spread the word, however our industry doesn't have much "Face" value; one of the things which makes it difficult to market. Facebookers like to post things that make them look cool. Unfortunately, the person who just repaired their garbage disposal usually doesn't make the cut.

Word of mouth depends on you over-delivering on courtesy and service, being reasonable on charges and standing behind your warranty 100%. Remember, it can work against you as well, bad experiences are much more apt to set tongues wagging than good ones. Make your clients experience excellent to get the most out of this appliance advertising idea.

One way to get this rolling is to visit your local church and volunteer to do a few repairs for elderly or impoverished members. This is a great way to spread the word you are in business as well as get some good reviews for your service.

2. C List.
Yes it's easy to put an ad on Craig's site and that's just the problem, a very low threshold to entry. It's crowded with ads and the clients you get are bottom dollar tire kickers. While it is better than nothing, (I put groceries on the table with it for a few months while I ranked my first site) you more than likely aren't going to run a thriving business solely by ads there.

Since the highly publicized murders a few years ago which began with C List ads, a lot of people are leery of calling service people listed there. I have had quite a few clients thank me for coming out because they really didn't want some creepy C List guy in their house.

3. Cold Calling Property Management Companies.
Yes, you can often get work there, but in my experience these are the biggest pain in the ass clients you can have. They want everything now, they want it for nothing and they'd like to pay you at the end of next month. Some of the biggest headaches I've experienced have come from the property management industry. For me personally, with these clients, the juice has never been worth the squeeze.

I recently was approached by a management company who wanted me to take over all their repairs, supply all parts and bill them at the end of the month. I asked what kind of figure that had a history of being and was told around three grand. I explained to the lady that I was a small business and couldn't afford to have that much tied up. I would be glad to have them put down a three grand retainer so that I could purchase parts and we could balance out at the end of the month.

She became angry at that, told me she couldn't believe I had the nerve to suggest it. She came became angrier when I asked her why she fully expected to use my working capital as a retainer, but was offended when I suggested she use hers!

I imagine she had gone through quite a few service providers and was always looking for a fresh sucker. I've heard some horror stories of individuals who lost a lot of money because one of the many repairs provided didn't go exactly as expected so the PMC would not pay for any of them.

If you choose to pursue this route, see if you can discover who their previous service provider was. Contact them and see why they no longer do business together, this one call can often save you a lot of trouble.

4. Pay Per Click.
I have spoken with dozens of independent appliance techs and very few have had good luck with PPC. While I got a few clients early on this way, I was having to spend around $25.00 per click to get them. Needless to say, that can eat into your profits fast, especially when you're just starting out.

It's quite discouraging to set a budget of $100.00 per day and discover that you've reached your limit by 10:30 in the morning. Even worse, you're wondering if those are real clicks or if your competitors are going to Office Depot and clicking your ads on multiple computers.

In my area, Charleston SC, most of the companies that rely on PPC are the ones that charge outrageous prices and don't care about their reputation because they know they'll only be in town for a limited time. This is the exact opposite of my business strategy!

5. Lead Generation Companies.
These are basically Pay Per Click experts, who tack an additional charge onto the cost of the original PPC bid. Many of these companies are charging $50.00 plus per lead. Again, this can cut deeply into an independent tech's net profit. If you could be sure every call you went on was a top dollar call this could be a viable option for growth.

However, you're going to get calls that are only minimally profitable and machines that can't be fixed which leave you with only your basic service charge. I've spoken to quite a few techs who ended up losing money and time because the profit of the call couldn't cover the cost of the lead.

To be honest, I've never used this venue. The figures just never made sense for my business model. I believe this could be a profitable business model in areas of the country where the trip charge is $100.00 and up.

In Chicago and some of the other large cities, this is pretty much the standard fee. However, in Charleston the average service charge is around $69.00 which doesn't leave much room for profit. In New Orleans I've seen services advertising a $29.00 trip charge; in this case the only people making money are the lead generation sellers and Google.

6. Run Print Ads.
I've seen very few people have success this way. The problem is that when your potential client is looking for a repair service, most of them don't take the time to look through the newspapers. They pull out their smart phone and begin to search Google.

The sad truth is that while this may be a way for part time tinkers to make a little extra cash, it's going to be hard to make a living if this is your only means of getting leads.

In addition, if you're spending the 75.00 per week it takes to run the average print ad, you're spending what it would cost to invest in a quality SEO campain for a website. Which has, in my opinion, the advantage of giving your business long term results.

By contrast, most print ads have lost their value at the end of the publication cycle.

7. Run TV Ads.
Needless to say, you'll need deep pockets if you choose to pursue this medium. The strategy on most TV campaigns is to do a lot of it with the intention of creating "Brand Awareness". In other words, people see your ad so much that in their minds the product or service you provide is tied to your company.

The problem with doing a small scale TV campaign is that it is apt to get drowned out by the thousands of ads viewers are exposed to everyday. The odds are very small that the person looking for your service is going to see your ad at the exact moment they need it. So unless you can afford to do a lot of it, it may not be your best option.

8. Start Your Own Web Site For Appliance Repair.
We all know this is the way to go, but the statistics are tough: the top 5 organic positions get 75% of the clicks, with 33% of all clicks going to the #1 ranked organic site. Search any area for appliance repair and you'll see two or three sites that get the lions share of the clicks, and hundreds more that get absolutely nothing.

As a professional web designer who got tired of setting behind a desk and went back into appliance repair, I can tell you that the reason so many of these sites fail is because they are poorly designed DIY sites that are just plain unprofessional and badly coded.

Truth is, what motivated me to get back into appliance repair was doing research on my local area and discovering that all the first page web sites for appliance repair were breaking a lot of the recommendations Google makes for creating a quality website. Google was having to choose the least worst from a lot of bad sites, which made it very easy for me to beat all my competitors.

In fact, I ranked my first site at #1 on Google in just 12 weeks by creating a site that followed all their recommendations.

The Difference
My web design and SEO offerings are geared for startups as well as small to mid-size operations. My goal is to get your site ranked and your business profitable as quickly as possible, my mission is to keep your site in the top three money positions so you can focus on running service calls and making a profit.

Here's the way I see it, my success is tied directly to how successful I make my clients, which is why I go the extra mile to provide the best sites and SEO in the appliance repair marketing industry.

To date, I've created 48 #1 ranked results for appliance repair keywords on Google, 167 top three results and over 300 1st page results. I'd really appreciate the chance to do the same for your business.

Think it over, view my plans and pricing. Don't take my word for it, see the proof for yourself and contact me today to get your business on the fast track to success.